We use it everyday. It fuels our life more than most of us would like to admit. And we rarely notice it until something goes wrong. Electricity fuels the world on a multifaceted level. While some tasks are simple, such as matching the colors of wiring to their input color, there is a wide variety of complicated wiring systems that are very easy to mix up. Today we are going to go through some of the most common mishaps associated with electrical setups, and what to be aware of as a home or business owner.

Light Bulbs

Probably the most generic electricity fix is a burnt out lightbulb. While you may be well versed in this not-so-technical problem, there could still be an electrical issue behind the burnt out lightbulbs. If you notice your light bulbs burning out at a quicker rate, flickering, or that a couple of lights in particular that are dimmed in comparison to the rest- each may indicate a more significant problem.

The problem could be in the circuit, due to a poor connection. However, if a light starts blinking frequently throughout your home or business, it could be a main wire issue. In a case of dimmed, uneven lighting, the main neutral circuit could be the culprit. Keep an eye out for any of these issues with your electrical wiring setup. Either way, you will want to contact your trusted electrician to help solve these issues as soon as possible.

As an added reminder: Always make sure to turn off all light switches that feed electricity to a dead light bulb before you change it.

Weather Effects

If you are starting to notice flickering in your electricity during a windy day or night, you will want to call your electrician and have them look into potential frayed wiring in the weatherhead. They will have to check the outdoor connection where the cables feed into the house. Often this means the weatherhead is igniting a short in the connection to the establishment whenever movement is caused. This is an extremely dangerous situation and can cause a fire if not tended to in a timely manner. As we stated previously, contact your electrician immediately and have them come take a look.

Switch Issues

There are a few issues that could be happening with your light switches. It could be anything from a light switch getting warm, to have dual switches that aren’t working correctly. In the instance of finding heat at the source of the lightswitch, contact an electrician for immediate attention. Though, if your lightswitch is a dimmer, it being warm while running 600 watts of bulbs, or more, is common and shouldn’t cause any issues. Ask your electrician if you have any other concerns.
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